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Bamboo Village Hawaii 2014

Since 1996 I dreamed of jumpstarting a local bamboo industry in Hawaii and also in appropriate climatic regions of the United States. What bamboo homes we see here these days are all dependent on Asians that eagerly work hard for a few dollars a day. BVH wanted to be a local resource of learning and practicing everything bamboo, and particularly bamboo shelters for all the best reasons and all the stormy seasons. I wanted to mix bamboo clumps into the rainforest property where I was to build my dream homestead. I call this dream location "village" because I always saw the whole concept as a cooperative effort. Commercial building demonstration then became a necessity for income and demonstration of the joinery system I invented to make building with bamboo easy, faster, and enjoyable. I call the system "Bamboo Links".

BVH is not an IRS category nonprofit anymore. I will make the village the primary practical learning site for a cooperative called BEN; short for Bamboo Building Empowerment Network. The network will provide a certification course to use the Bamboo Links joinery system to make bamboo construction enjoyable and as sturdy as needed for members who are qualified to build with the system, and teach those members who are not. The network will provide a database for members needing member help on bamboo building projects. BEN will also strive to supply the Bamboo Links inventory for approved projects of members both do it yourself and professional, on a member seniority basis. A growing network is better for my dream of a slower growth process based on community rather than a big money making deal. The site itself will be an ongoing building of new bamboo shelter designs, both portable and permanently located. I am currently half moved in to the village rainforest site, but still moving structures from the old homestead to accommodate all my personal and business stuff. Soon there will be room for one or two interns to begin with who want to learn a bamboo off grid lifestyle. It will cost a small amount and entail lots of work from forest clearing, bamboo clump management, food gardening, and most importantly bamboo and invasive hardwood tree construction. Everything you have ever seen on this site is not all realized, but it is all true.

Everything you have ever seen on this site is not all realized, but it is all true. I love the BVH dream but perhaps the website should morph into an interactive blog to serve the "cooperative" motive. Look for the BVH and ETC updates also on my Facebook site. Mahalo for seeking the bamboo way of sustainable living, Leimana Pelton

Bamboo Building Empowerment Network "B.E.N."

The Bamboo Building Empowerment Network " B.E.N." is active and part of Bamboo Village Hawaii. Visit B.E.N. here, or click on the banner below.


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