In 2017, BVH will become more about hands on learning experiences with
everything related to bamboo embellished within a natural tropical lifestyle
environment and the spiritual closeness of the indigenous ways of relating to the
interconnectedness of every detail in a nature that we interact with every day.

Besides bamboo we will design with what is at our fingertips and what we’ve kept
stashed under tarps and the corners of our memories for the “right” time
to merge with each other with the necessary tools to make shelter natural and
functional in form and expressive of our highest vibrations of sacred geometry
merged with whimsical playful building experiments.

As an environmental artist, founder Leimana Pelton brings a lifetime of collections
of all sorts of things that include what our society regards as waste to creatively
reuse as building materials combined with the rocks, tree parts, and of course, his inventory of bamboo poles.

We will construct with bamboo framing connected with Leimana Pelton’s Bamboo Links™ patented bamboo joinery system mixed with more traditional connections, and various woven bamboo matrixes skinned with plaster as the basic materials. So if that’s sounds like something you would love to partake then become a “BEN” member below. Later in 2017 and beyond we will do our best to accommodate interns that want more in depth, lengthier stays at our rainforest site even if it means pitching a tent under a tarp.

This is our new beginning at the Village… not as a concept, not as a non-profit or any other corporate governed by government or profit motive, except how we exchange our gifts with each other…that is the only real profit that materializes, replicates, and evolves. Banker’s money has lost so much of its honest value that we are forced to exchange, but our learning how to creatively exchange together will always accelerate abundance and prosperity.

Mahalo nui for your attention and your heart (caring).
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