In 2017, BVH will become more about hands on learning experiences with spiritual closeness of the indigenous ways of relating to the
interconnectedness of nature. As an environmental artist, founder Leimana Pelton brings a lifetime of experience both reusing what our society regards as waste as building material, as as well as integrating naturally formed rocks, tree parts, and of course, his inventory of bamboo poles.

Interns will learn to build both with what is at our fingertips as well as with our patented joinery system, Pelton Strong Links™ to make shelters natural and functional in form and expressive of our highest vibrations of sacred geometry.

If that’s sounds like something you would love to partake then become a “BEN” member below. Later in 2017 and beyond we will do our best to accommodate interns that want more in depth, lengthier stays at our rainforest site.

Mahalo nui for your attention and aloha.
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