Bamboo Village Hawaii was formed to pioneer the development of a viable eco-friendly bamboo industry on the Big Island. This will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

1. Working in conjunction with government officials and community
leaders to develop sound plans for the expansion of a
Hawaii-based bamboo industry including plantations, treatment plants,
job training and skill building, job creation and public construction

2. Developing a training program for bamboo builders that explores
traditional and contemporary building systems and techniques
with our staff and other global experts.

3. Organizing a skilled bamboo construction workforce globally to
implement needed facilities professionally and effectively.

4. Promoting an agriculturally based environmentally healing industry through research, education, training and construction with tropical clumping bamboos.

5. Maintaining a website rich in bamboo related information that informs people about sustainable development and coded building practices.

6. Working with international organizations like FAO, IBF, AWISH, ABS and INBAR to achieve our goals.the mission of bvh

7. Building beautiful eco-ethical bamboo structures that help demonstrate a new tropical image for the Big Island for the enjoyment of residents and international visitors.

8. Engaging in industry-related research that leads to the full acceptance of bamboo as a coded building material and demonstrates it’s incredible strength and usefulness as an environmentally friendly building material.

9. Empowering our community economically by developing an industry plan in conjunction with local authorities that provides maximum benefit and employment to our severely depressed and underemployed island, especially in the district of Puna, the poorest of the island communities.

10. Pursuing funds, professional services and material goods from all available and relevant sources, international, federal, state, county and private grants to support our efforts to build and operate our facility.

11. Developing our rainforest demonstration site to house our on-site training facilities.

12. Acquiring use of lands for the continued propagation of bamboo and to serve as future demonstration sites of sustainable agricultural development and permaculture.
Mission Statement of Bamboo Village Hawaii