1.Introduction to bamboo construction workshop. Our team of experts
will share their knowledge with local builders, landowners, interested others
on how to best utilize bamboo in our environment.

2.In depth bamboo applications training program. On-site training internships
that provide the knowledge and job skills necessary to participate in a
professional building team.

3.Lectures and seminars from global bamboo experts. Bamboo experts and
designers from around the world like Jules Jansen and Simon Velez of
Columbia will be invited to come share their knowledge, experience and
designs with us at our village.

4. Public demonstration structures. Bamboo Village hopes to build more beautiful public structures that will demonstrate the amazing potential of bamboo in Hawaii and help benefit island tourism. Most of the structures currently built by our founder doing business as Eco Terrestrial Concepts,LLC. They are visible at the website ecoterrestrialconcepts.com

5. Eco-ethical tours and accommodations will be made available when the facilities are more completed at our rainforest site where we hope to share our permaculture values and vision of a sustainable future with everyone.

6.Grant Projects and Low-cost housing will be an on-going focus of our public benefit corporation. Inspiring yet practical, living and working environments made from elegant bamboo can improve the quality of life for our less fortunate residents. If you are interested or would like some more information about future projects, please contact us with your questions at info@bamboovillagehawaii.org
Programs at Bamboo Village Hawaii